(WIP casestudy, last edit Jan 8)


I am currently the lead designer at Trustology. This case study is unfinished and just a draft and I’d happily talk more about about this in person.


In the first weeks I tidied up the brand and designed it so it’s modern, scalable and professional.

Some examples are the redesigned website, logo and flyer as Figma files. Also designed a stand and together with an animator created a video:

Then I created a new app design based on an existing prototype. I ensured the user experience and design was modern, competitive and had high usability. See the transactions and Settings page as separate Figma files as an example.

User research and product market fit

After that I gathered a group of 20 potential customers by proactively reaching out to interested people, and interviewed all of them by using the live product and prototypes. I organised all the interviews and updated/iterated on the designs. I designed an intuitive way of adding transaction fees, iterated on transaction details and designed multi currency support. Figma file here (needs to be cleaned up!)

Service Design

Since then I worked on building out the service layer of the product, Solving issues like “what happens if a user loses their phone etc”. Initial brainstorming was done in Whimsical.

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 23.00.21.png

This process was then implemented in Helpdesk software (Zendesk and then Freshdesk) and documented in a Google Docs File. I trained another employee to provide this level of service to our customers.

I also created Mailchimp campaigns which can be triggered when certain service incidents/moments happen.

Setting up a help desk and provide end to end customer service does not create many deliverables, but adds tangible value to the product and business, and is a perfect continuation of designing a product.


I continue working on marketing, product management and service design, the product is live using Testflight to a small group of customers.